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A Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation is recommended if:

  • You want to know if your child has a Specific Learning Disability (LD), Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Executive Dysfunction, Autism, or if you are unclear about your child’s current learning needs.
  • If you have an adult learner in college that is struggling with managing educational demands and coping with time-management and organization.
  • For adults experiencing difficulties managing work, school, or home responsibilities caused by problems with organization, time-management, or learning a new skills. Many adults experience road blocks that impact their day to day productivity and success.  The neuropsychological evaluation can help with understanding individual challenges and how to best utilize strengths. 
  • Post-Concussion or Brain Injury to provide an understanding of the impact on cognitive functioning and academic performance.
  • For understanding the impact of cognitive decline in older adults and develop strategies to identify strengths and maximize functioning.


For a detailed explanation of the neuropsychological process, see the FAQ page and brochure.



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