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Our Mission

To help children, adolescents, adults and older adults understand their cognitive, academic, and social-emotional strengths, as well as to help individuals overcome obstacles to success in school, work, and life.  We work from a client-centered, bio-psycho-social developmental perspective.  Individuals, families, groups, and organizations are best understood in context as are their presenting concerns.  To this end, we see our primary mission as assisting clients to realize optimal developmental outcomes.

We believe that families benefit when they fully understand how their child learns and responds to the cognitive, emotional and behavioral challenges they face as they grow.  That knowledge allows parents to be active participants in their child's pursuit of optimal learning and development.   We believe that children and young adults should be helped to understand how they learn and function best, and what gets in the way of successful development. In this way, they can become advocates for themselves.  We also believe that adults and older adults can benefit from knowledge and interventions that support them in living successful, independent and fulfilling lives

Our Practice

Consists of licensed psychologists with 35+ years of experience who have worked in a wide range of hospital, university, and therapeutic settings and have been involved in the academic and clinical training of psychologists.  We work collaboratively to ensure that you receive the expertise and care based on current research and clinical practices to address your needs and concerns.  We are also committed to understanding challenges in the context of personal, social, cultural and other contextual factors that might be important.

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